ToppyWeb : Manage your Timers and Recordings over the Internet

ToppyWeb accesses the Toppy using FTP, either Aldarin's ftp4t.exe (Windows) or ftpd-topfield (for Linux including NSLU2 and ASUS servers) and provides the following functionality.

Download Toppy-Web (last updated )

Download Toppy-Web (last updated )

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Version 3 is a major rewrite with the following new features

Manage multiple Toppies If you have more than one Toppy you can now manage the Files and Timers of all of them from the same page
Manage REC file servers A REC file server is a system on which you store REC files. It must be accessible BY FTP.
Expand and collapse folder and server displays Reduce scrolling by collapsing folders and servers that you are not currently concerned with.
View the Extended Description and other details stored in the REC file header Essentially you can see the EPG details that existed at the time of the recording. The use of Stirf is recommended,
Revised layout The new features required revising (and improving) the page layout.
Caching of File and Timer details Is your Toppy turned off? You can still view the last known File and Timer details.
FilenameOffset parameter no longer needed Version 3 determines automatically where the filename start.
Use your existing config.ini Changes to your config.ini will only be needed to access the new features
A setup guide is provided Download the PDF Setup Guide
The guide should be read in conjunction with the earlier Reference documentation.
More features coming soon! Remotely managed transfer of REC files between PVRs and RECservers
Caching of EPG data

Some sample configuration files are supplied. Rename the most appropriate sample to config.ini and then customise from there using the supplied Reference documentation.

View ToppyWeb in action in Demonstration Mode! The necessary username/password is toppyweb/demo

New Features (Version 3.3.2)
File, Timer and EPG caching
AJAX technology to improve the user experience

Multiple PVRs
Mutiple PVRs can be managed from trhe one installation

REC files
Lists the contents of DataFiles and all nested folders (the REC files)
Expand and contract folder dsplays
Display extended descriptions
Delete REC files
Rename REC files
Move REC files between folders

Lists existing timer entries (reads epg_timers.tsv)
Lists pending timer commands (reads 99999999.tgd)
Delete existing timer entries (appends a command to 99999999.tgd)
Add new timer entries (appends a command to 99999999.tgd)
Modify existing timer entries (combines Delete then Add)

Displays an EPG from an XML, TGD, MEI or IceTV source.
Creates timers from EPG entries
Displays Existing and Pending timers on the EPG display

Log Files
Display the content of various EPG, PBK, TEDS and TrecX log files.
Other accessible text files can be easily added to the list


1) A webserver that supports PHP.
Possibilities are: Apache(any platform), Abyss(Windows), lighttpd(NSLU2 and ASUS boxes)

2) An FTP server that connects to your Toppy.
For Windows: Aldarin'sFTO for Topfield (ftp4t.exe)
For Linux (including NSLU2 and ASUS boxes): ftpd-topfield

3) Tony's EPG_uploader TAP


Any donations will be gratefully accepted.
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Version History
Bug fix.
EPG caching.
Introducing AJAX technology.
Bug fixes.
Bug fixes.
Added support for LCN spcification.
Added Alternate and HDTV channel options.
Timer caching on the EPG page was accidenatlly regressed in V3.0.1.
Correctly display if no RECservers are defined.
Major release